Google Pay-Per-Click

The ad above is placed on this page by programming supplied by Google. I don’t know what the ad is for, it is determined by the text on this page in a very complex but very quick calculation at Google. When you load the page Google reads the page content, determines what you are looking at and then places a pertinent ad for you to see. It may be a different ad each time you visit this page.
If you are interested in what the ad is selling and you click on it, I will earn a few pennies. The person or company that has the ad campaign set up with Google will be charged a fee (5 cents too a dollar or two). This is just a part of how the paid ads work at Google. It is among the most inexpensive and effective way ever divised to advertise your company.

Free Advertising with Google

Google also advertises your site in what is commonly referred to as the "Free Listings" or "Search Results." Google attempts to read every page available on the internet, determine the content of each and then show a link to the proper page to anyone that uses Google to perform a search. The goal is to connect the Google user to the one page, of possibly millions, that will satisfy the user’s request.

Not a simple thing to do, but Google is the best. And there are many ways we can help Google achieve it’s goal. The most important is to write the text on your page properly. Using as many important key words and key phrases as possible. But there are many less visible methods; comments, alt tags, meta tags, page titles, linked lists any many more.

We work with Google almost every day. As Google finds better ways to properly direct its users, we update our sites to help them send those interested viewers to our sites. We can usually keep our customers on the first page of Google’s free search results. Here are a few examples (these links will open a new window and perform the search at Google):

  • Industrial Saw Blades   Our customer:
  • Manatee Scroll Saw Plans   Our customer:
    • You’ll notice this search also results in our customer being listed at the top of the page in the "Product search results" section with links directly to "Froogle" which is Google’s new shopping section.
  • UV-Curable Chemistry   Our customer:
  • 44HXW-37A   Our customer:
    • This is a typical part number for a relay sold by our customer. We have worked extensively with our website and all the part numbers our customer keeps in stock to have them show up in Google searches.

We direct most of our marketing efforts towards Google which is currently the leader in the amount of traffic directed over the internet by search engines. Most of the work we do for Google is also extremely effective for most other search engines. Try any of these searches at Yahoo, for instance. The results will be very similar.