We work with the latest Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe ImageReady to create the highest quality artwork for your site (or for printing your letter head, business cards, etc). Our graphic artist has been working with Adobe software since it was an exciting new innovation in the art world (about 1987).

We have the experience and imagination to do whatever you need. This page shows a few examples of art we created or enhanced to fit this wonderful electronic media. Computer generated image of a Manatee Trinket Box from LackWood.com

The image at left is completely computer generated. It is a representation of an item made from plans sold by Lack Wood. Since we create the plans sold at Lack Wood we had the electronic files that are sold. From these files we created masks in Adobe PhotoShop and used a scan of a piece of wood to fill the masks with the wood grain pattern. A little shading with an electronic airbrush and you have what appears to be a 3 dimensional photo. Animation

Digital art makes animation a simple story telling tool. The animation at left explains a new method, designed by Specialty Saw, Inc., for cutting hydraulic hose. It shows why the new method is so much better than the old. Not very exciting for those of us that don’t need to cut hydraulic hose but the animation explained the operation and it’s advantages to Specialty Saw’s customers, the audience we needed to reach. Click here if you want to read the text that goes with the animation.