I have found that this is a term (hosting) that confuses many people that haven’t ever had their own website. It’s really very simple. We put the website pages we’ve created for you on a computer (web server) that has a permanent connection to the internet. There is software on the web server that hears your customers’ requests for your pages. You make a request every time you click on a link in your web browser or type in a URL (Universal Resource Locator) such as "http://www.charlottecountywebsites.com/hosting-your-website/" (which will bring you to this page). When you do this the request goes to a "Domain Name Server," a computer which turns your request into numbers. The numbers are the specific identifying numbers of our web server. These numbers are called the web server’s IP (Internet Protocol) address which was registered with the domain name server at an annual cost ($35.00 for the DNS server we use).

So you make the request, the DNS computer receives the request and sends it off to the web server along with your computer’s IP address (every computer needs an IP address to function online). Our web server receives the request and your return address and sends the page you requested back to your computer. Your web browser reads the page and turns it into what you see (what you are seeing right now).


We "Host" your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. All our plans include world wide display of your website and email service to yourdomain.com.