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Appearance of your website is very important. It should be neat and orderly, drawing attention to your product or service and the qualities that set you apart from your competitors.

But there are things just as important that are often overlooked. Too many photos, graphics or spinning jumping bells and whistles can cause problems for your viewers not the least of which is slow load times. How long do you wait for a slow site to load before going on to the next in the list of your Google search? Not too long I’d guess. So we are always a step our two behind the latest, greatest programming fads. Our sites are compatible with ALL types of computers, systems and browsers while maintaining the quality of appearance that gets your product/service sold.

Navigation Menus

It is extremely important that your viewers can quickly and easily understand and navigate your site. We place very high importance in the way we label and link your sites pages.

Copy Writing for the Internet

We need to explain your product or service in a way that shows your customer why they should choose you. If that takes photos, artwork or animations, that’s what we’ll do. But writing for the web is also about Google and other search engines.

We have been writing advertising copy for more years than I care to say. Clear precise text is extremely important for your customers to understand your product. But writing for the internet is more than just talking to your customers. The right words MUST appear in the text for Google and others to know when to show your site in their search results. We’ve been writing copy with this goal since before Google existed. Remember AOL keywords? Well the internet still works that way but it is much more complicated. We’ll go into more detail about this in the¬†Marketing¬†section of our website.